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Our church building was created to reflect our belief that we are to be good stewards of the earth. Our facility is one of the first church buildings in Ontario that is exclusively warmed and cooled through a geothermal heat exchange system. We also use a number of energy and water-saving measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our facilities are available for rent for community events, courses, or programs. For more information, please contact:

In 1989, a group of people worshipping at a few different Christian Reformed churches in Hamilton and Ancaster had the desire to develop a “daughter” church in the West Hamilton-Ancaster area.
After much discussion the name Fellowship was decided on--- fellowship with Jesus and fellowship with each other. God blessed Fellowship as it worked and worshipped in Hamilton District Christian High School from 1989-2005. Pastor Peter Hoytema was used by God to minister to us from 1990-1998.
In the late 1990’s Fellowship began planning for ministry over the long term. In that process Fellowship prayerfully discerned a vision for our mission in the then-emerging Meadowlands community of Ancaster. In October of 2000 God provided Fellowship a new pastor, John Bouwers. At the same time the church began pursuing a dream to build a facility in the Meadowlands. Hundreds of miracles later, Fellowship adopted the name Meadowlands Fellowship and began settling into a new facility in December 2005.
In September 2012, we welcomed Pastor Everett VanderHorst into our midst. Today, Meadowlands Fellowship is a growing church that is passionate about helping people find a place of belonging and purpose in God’s family. And this vision of fellowship extends beyond the Meadowlands to the city of Hamilton and on to the rest of the world.

For the church’s 25th anniversary, a history of the church was written by Hugh Cook, entitled ‘Remember, Renew, Rejoice’.
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