Meadowlands Fellowship Church

Sanctuary Hearing Loop


A hearing loop system to assist those with hearing loss has been added to the sound system in the sanctuary.  With this loop system, hearing aid wearers can hear the service directly through their hearing aids, simply by switching the hearing aid to the telecoil (T) setting and adjusting the volume as needed.  Others desiring hearing assistance may obtain a portable receiver and headset from one of the attendants.

In a hearing loop system, speech signals are circulated through a wire installed around the sanctuary.  The signal is detected directly by the "telecoil" or telephone switch circuitry found in most hearing aids and all cochlear implants.  A clearer, more intelligible sound is heard and background noises are greatly reduced.  If you have difficulty hearing or understanding the spoken word, do try this new system.  If you are unsure about activating the “telecoil” in your hearing aid, please click here for a protocol document to take to your hearing aid provider.  If you are shopping for a hearing aid, be sure to buy a device with a vertically oriented telecoil with a manual setting for its telecoil or telephone capabilities so that you can use it in this church and various other locations that display the symbol above.


Instructions for Hearing Aid Provider