Meadowlands Fellowship Church


Offerings are collected by the Deacons during regular worship services.  Two collections are normally taken.  The first collection is for the budget, which covers the operating expenses of the church including programs, building expenses, salaries and Ministry Shares  (funds which support local and international ministries of the Christian Reformed Church).  The second collection is taken for other causes selected by the Deacons, supporting a wide range of benevolent organizations, such as City Kidz, Beginnings, the Olive Branch, local Christian education institutions and many more.  We also have regular non-monetary collections, usually on Communion Sundays (once per month).  These have included collections of food for local food banks, collection of toiletries for the Olive Branch, art supplies for Re-Create and even bicycles for a downtown bicycle co-op ministry.

How to Give: 

There are many ways to financially support the ministries of Meadowlands Fellowship Christian Reformed Church:

  1.  Place a cheque or cash in the offering bags on Sunday morning.  If you are a member or in regular attendance, you may request offering envelopes from the Deacons or through the office.  Your contributions will be recorded so that you can receive a charitable donation receipt at the end of the year.
  2.  Support non-monetary collections - these are usually announced in the bulletin the week before.
  3.  Arrange for pre-authorized remittance.  For more information on the PAR program, click here.
  4.  Donate through Canada Helps
  5.  Please pray for the ministries of Meadowlands Fellowship and the organizations we support.

 Thank you for your support of Meadowlands Fellowship!